Monday, January 18, 2016

Overcome by grace

Seven years ago today I handed my heart over to Jesus after a two month journey of discovery and healing that tore my hard hearted walls down. I didn’t arrive at church that day expecting to be saved by God’s grace and born again into God’s family. The Pastor issued an invitation to anyone that wanted prayer for Jesus to enter their lives. I knew instantly God was calling me to move my little legs toward the stage and step out in faith but I tensed my body, locked my arms in front of me and refused, at first, to surrender. This church is basically mega and while the band played “Overcome” and thousands of voices sang along I could only hear the lyrics as a gentle whisper.
This journey began on my knees as I had been left shattered by a broken marriage. The night I asked God to send me help and restore my hope was the first time I had ever prayed and asking Him for help that night opened the door for His unconditional love to wash over me.
What I have learned these past seven years is that while here on earth l will never be perfect, my life will never be without trial and I constantly need to run from temptation and run to God. Elohim, the Creator of Heaven and Earth  who hung the moon and each star longs to spend time with me, is always near and whose presence I can feel as sure any friend who stops by for a visit. I am grateful for blind faith that allows me to rejoice in the Lord despite loss, grief and pain. I am amazed each day that God gave His one and only on Son so that I could have a relationship with Him.
         The first eighteen days of 2016 have given me a greater understanding and appreciation for abandoned obedience to God. Jesus has already showed me that this year I will walk the path He has been patiently leading me down. For this first time on my Faith Journey God has led me to write a Mission Statement\Action Plan for the year ahead: I will serve the LORD with complete OBEDIENCE, sold out to His will, plan and calling for my life. I will listen to the LORD in daily prayer and quiet time, immerse myself in His Word as I read and study and I forsake my sinful nature and selfish desires. I surrender wholly to the LORD as He refines, renews, restores and reshapes my heart and spirit. I will give God my firsts: time, strength, energy, love, soul, mind, heart and body.