Thursday, September 24, 2015

My journey of HOPE

I haven’t met with you in far too long. I have perfectly valid excuses why I haven’t been able to write but the truth is I haven’t made my blog the priority. God has called me to share my thoughts on HOPE with you over the next couple months and instead of rejoicing in that calling I have, for the most part, treated it like a task to complete and not something I am equipped, anointed and appointed for.
I can honestly say that ends right now.
During my morning quiet time with Jesus (which for me was at 1 o'clock) I realized I had put certain rules in place that were keeping me from being free to write and sharing my heart with you and that were keeping me from obeying God.
I must always strive to apply God’s life giving word in my Blog but today He wants me to vulnerable, transparent and even brief. I don’t have to have a certain word count, I don’t have to make Jesus graphics or find a Worship song I need to just express myself and be obedient. When I let go of the list of self imposed demands on what my Blog needs to look like before I can sit down and write an excitement started to take over. In the next few posts I will be sharing with you what God laid on my heart this past weekend at the “Love Life” 2015 Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference in St. Louis, MO but I am also going to be open to how the Spirit moves.
         My Blog is and will always be about two things: my LOVE for Christ and the HOPE He gives me through wisdom, faith, love, grace, mercy, trails, pains, praises and thanksgiving. I am not writing for anyone of you but am grateful for each one of you who reads this. I am writing because God called me 34 years ago to write, I didn’t know it was Him then and didn’t see Him working in my life as He grew the dream of my four year old heart but I know now God’s plan started in that small dream. I am writing for Him, I am writing to express the redemption that came from one messy life. I am writing to share the HOPE I have in Christ to obey my Lord.


  1. In your quiet time and in His awesome presence ....may you experience how deeply our everlasting Father love you He understands, absolutely feels as you feel. You could not imagine how profoundly God loves you. .....take heart in Him .You are truly a shining witness of God's attributes. Love and hug you Melis